2014 World Jade Symposium

Celebrating our community, 

Andrew Matheson and the WJSA are so excited, finally, to be able to present to you, the Circle of Life…

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2014 World Jade Symposium

Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada.   November 21 – 23.

Judges Awards


Donn Salt
Matt Glasby
Chris Dobranski 
Lyle Sopel
George Schmerholz
Sergey Falkin
Julia Gogol
Charles C. Min Hu

Dale Blankenship
Deborah Wilson
Lachlan McIntyre
Aaron Brown

Tom Argue
Cora MacDonald
Sharon Painter-Arps
Kurtis Sopel

High acclaim 
Nathan Scholten


Deborah Wilson
Tom Argue
Kevin Campbell
Tom Taverner
Kurt Kainzer

Peter Dehlson
Andrew Shaw
Guenter Otto
Dallas Crombie

Ryan Spangler
Craig Hazelton
Kerry Jo Montoya

High Acclaim
Crystal Chow

2014 Audience Choice

Jade Sculpture

1,452 total votes 

1. Chris Dobranski – 261
2. Georg Schmerholz – 138
2. Drew Arnold – 138
4. Cora MacDonald – 116
5. Matthew Glasby- 105
6. Lachlan McIntyre – 97

Jade Jewelry

939 total votes 

1. Justin Smith – 115
2. Kainzer Kurt – 110
3. Tom Taverner – 102
4. Ryan Spangler – 82
5. Crystal Chow – 72
6. Craig Hazelton – 64

2014 Carvers Choice

Shane Hauser

WJSA: "Coming Together" from andrew matheson on Vimeo.

There are so many reasons to come participate at the 2014WJS Jade Art Competition and Exhibition. 
Come witness the unveiling of unique artworks from over 60 international artists who are competing for your “Audience choice” award! Many of these jade art works will be for sale if you are interested in an investment (BC Showcase gallery, Robson Square).

Conference Nov 21 – 23 
The Symposium portion begins in the Robson Square UBC Theatre Friday evening with the opening ceremonies and unveiling of artworks at 5 pm, Nov 21. Educational presentations will take place. International jade enthusiasts, archaeologists, master carvers, aficionados, miners, collectors, and experts alike, tell their compelling stories. Saturday and Sunday presentations will be in UBC room C180. See the schedule of speakers here. This conference promises to deepen knowledge about jade's traditions and potential!


Documentary Film Première – Circle of Life
A film by Andrew B Matheson 
This all-encompassing film will be shown Friday night in the UBC Theater 6:45pm. The film will also be played at various times through the weekend on smaller screens (UBC room C150)

For thousands of years jade has been one of the most mystical and historically significant stones on this planet. Today in the west, it is one of the most unknown and undervalued gemstones.  In recent years, however, jade has been making a quiet surge, both in value and prestige. CIRCLE of LIFE travels the world in search of the artists and miners who live and breath jade and those visionaries most influential in bringing new life to the original Stone of Heaven.

A stunning collection of ancient Chinese jade carvings (one is approx. 8,000 years old!)
A very impressive collection of Chinese jade artifacts arranged in chronological order allows viewers to understand the changing trends in this most ancient of art forms. (BC Showcase gallery, Robson Square)
Sculpture and Carving Demonstrations
Master artist Tom Duquette will be creating a Cedar sculpture in the plaza using nothing but tools he made of jade!

The world’s finest gemstone artists
Meet the artists and view some of their spectacular works in Jade and other gemstones. A fantastic opportunity for art collectors and admirers! (BC Hosting gallery, Robson Square)
Carving tools
“The bit lady” will present a selection of bits and burrs for sale in the BC hosting gallery.

A few local miners will show and tell with some examples of rough jade material from BC
Workshops and training
Find out where the nearest workshop or community is and what resources are available.
* If you are interested in presenting a study or discussion, representing your organization, or sharing a special display at this conference, please let us know asap.