Michael Burgess


2014 Entry – The Mobieval

The first piece of jade I carved was in 2007, a very simple spiral carving carved from our local Tamworth nephrite. After this first carving I was hooked, like some mystical being grabbed me and would not let go, as a teenager I was given a hollow ground knife that I still have to this day. My initial inspiration for this knife was to carve a dagger using this hollow ground blade shape. A fantasy shape of my own design “totally as art”. Incorporating some of my earlier designs as well.

The jade I chose is Australian- Tamworth, given to me by a friend and owner of a mine. I could have chosen jade from any world wide location, I wanted to show the world our stone that I think is comparable to to the best nephrite the world can offer. I wanted to show the jade on a stand the best way I know how, “stainless steel” my profession for more than 30 years, I think it complements its shape, the name of my piece is the Mobieval, the handle is a mobius and its a medieval design.

Its all about the jade, but the stand helps to show my dagger.