Justin Smith

Cambria, CA, USA

2014 Entry – Good Vibes!

Hi my name is Justin Smith. I am from Cambria California. I started cutting jade15 years ago while working for my father Leon Smith,  who is an excellent stone mason. Five years ago my twin girls Jade and Summer were born and I needed an at home hobby.  I began making my own jade carving studio and now carve almost every Friday night.

I was invited to a jade carving workshop by Dick Horan a few years ago at Mike Berkleo's house lead by Matt Glaspy. I have now attended three carving workshops and have a great appreciation for the Jade Community.

My symposium piece is carved out of Wyoming Apple Jade.  I purchased this top quality jade from Mike Burkleo,  who owns "Revelations in Stone";  thanks Mike. After talking with local jade carver Gary Gowdy I decided to incorporate the rine of the stone into my carving and began to draw. I started designing this piece about two months ago and it's been a lot of fun challenging myself to get it done by the deadline.

My offering to the jade symposium is a neckless pendant that highlights the two different colors of the stone.  I wanted the green jade to look like its growing and being born from the dark brown rine of the stone. My deep love of the ocean always calls me to carve a wave or two into my pieces,  this piece is no different.  It has bilaterally symmetric waves that frame the edges of the piece. On one side I carved a tendrical that crawls up the trough of the wave and ends where the rine starts.  This piece is 4.25 inches by 1.5 inches, and can be worn by a man or a woman.

Justin Smith


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