Roger Krichbaum

Gold Hill, Colorado USA

2014 Entry – Seal

This jade, from the Yukon Territory, Canada, is a glacial tumbled cobble which settled out when the glacier passed over a warm spring.  How long the cobble rested in the warm spring is anybody's guess, but the mineral water has stained the cobble with a rich red color.  Cobbles from this location have been named Yukon Red, and was sourced by Ron and Stella Hearty, of Watson Lake, Yukon.  It was Stella who first called this cobble "The Seal" 

I utilized the red color for the flippers and fins, and I took a little here and a little there to free the "Seal".  The stone also had a natural eye and mouth, and I tried to be true to the stone, which is how I prefer to approach larger carvings.  The raw stone weighed 160 lbs, and measured 34X12X9 inches.

I have been on the jade trail since the 1970's and over time, jade has become the driving force in my life.  I have been mining and working the stone since the 1990's, and my mission is to bring the stone to light in a way that will honor the Mountain.  By putting the Yukon stone into the hands of gifted artists, and by teaching the craft of working the stone on all levels, I strive to be true to my path as well.  


Past Carvings