If you are bringing or shipping your art works into Canada:
1. Please provide the WJSA ( with itemized list of your works and humble prices.
2. Bring this same inventory list with you crossing the boarder
3. Please print this CBSA pdf and bring with you. CBSA document for printing
4. If you are coming from the USA, you will also need to fill out a form, CBP form 4455 for your return

a)      Take exit 275 off Interstate 5 and go to the Blaine Border crossing.

b)      Before you get to the Duty Free shopping area you will see a commercial truck parking area on the right.

c)      Park in this area and find an agent to ask how to get to the Cargo Section.

d)      Go to that section and submit CBP Form 4455 which can be found at this site:


Judging Criteria

Scoring: Judges may award a maximum of 20 points for each of the following categories


Design and Style. How well has the artist made use of sculptural elements such as form, balance, contrast, composition, surface relief and integration of supporting materials? Is the style consistent, whether traditional, abstract or realism etc?  Does the language of the artwork resonate with the intended message?

Originality and Creative use of material.  Does the artwork offer a fresh sculptural language or expression? How well has the artist incorporated the unique characteristics of jade into the design and is the jade choice complimentary?

Technicality. How well has the artist rendered the form or design and how skillful have they been in their use of various tools? Keeping design in mind, the Judges are looking for clean and consistent cuts, lines and texturing, definition of surfaces, smooth curves, and difficulty of carving.

Surfacing and detail. How well has the artist attended to the details. Are any additions joined seamlessly or in harmony with the jade? Judges will be strict against tool marks, unfinished elements and inconsistent polishing. NB. Choosing a good jade for your can make a big difference here.

Overall impression. How presentable is the finished work? Are supporting materials joined in a strong, clean manner? Is the piece in a sellable or wearable state? Does the artwork evoke emotions, is it dramatic, or successful in concept.