Cora Macdonald

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2014 Entry – Celtic Knot

My symposium piece is carved out of a very beautiful Yukon stone. When I first started to carve jade, I worked with plenty of Yukon stone and fell in love with the translucency and color of it. As soon as I decided to compete in the WJS, I knew I wanted to make something out of a Yukon stone.

I have carved a double Celtic knot for my competition piece. This knot resembles the never ending bond that I share with my Grandfather. Like the knot, I see us side by side with a connection that lasts forever. Three years ago, he unexpectedly passed away, and his passing took me by great surprise. He was my absolute best friend. After he passed away, I got a tattoo of a Celtic knot to resemble my love and connection with him. When I started carving jade, I knew right away I wanted to learn how to carve a Celtic knot. The design of the knot flows smoothly and the way it folds onto itself really amazes me.

I have been practicing this design for the past year and half with just a single knot, and decided for the 2014 symposium to challenge myself by carving a double knot. The stone I chose proved to be difficult in many areas from deep soft spots and hard veins. I found it a great challenge as I had to be extra careful where to place my hand piece so I did not ruin the design. This carving really helped me understand lines, and different forms of finishing.This is the first symposium I have entered, and I am so excited to be a part of such a great competition.



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