Kurtis Sopel 

Whiterock, B.C. Canada


This composition includes, a single shark and its environment I feel sharks are, the most important sea creatures. I have expressed my adoration, for these great prehistoric animals. By incorporating this work with black jade from Australia. I feel this is a perfect medium that exemplifies the perceived dark nature of the shark. Making it appear more stealth like for the viewer to imagine it moving sleekly through the water.

The rough and polished tiger-eye abstract form makes a bold contrast, to the smooth aerodynamic shape of the shark. The shimmering surface appears as if the sun and water are illuminating it.

I sculpted the base to be unique in shape, to nicely mimic a stylized water form. This whole composition is an expression of my belief that shark’s need to be respected because they are the keys to our oceans preservation and future. 


Past Carvings