Tom Argue – 1 of 2

Coquitlam, BC, Canada

2014 Entry – Hidden Within

I have been carving Jade for approximately one year and each time I carve its a new experience with so much to learn. Jade is quickly becoming my stone of choice to carve! The Dease Creek BC Jade draws me in more than other Jades due to the character of the stone. Its full of life and has so much going on within the stone, a variety of colours & inclusions provide a unique carving challenge.

Overall Dimensions – 9"h x 9"d x 15"w
Fan Dimensions – 8"h x 1.5mil x 12"w
Material – Dease Creek Jade, Yellow Cedar, LED Lights

The title reflects the unique quality of Jade to show different colours when light is applied through the Jade.  

Dease Creek Jade has a rich deep green with no light applied and then a much lighter green with light as well as all the formation flows and inclusions. I added the Bonsai to demonstrate the effect of light as well. The Bonsai disappears when light is applied even though without light its very prominent on the Fan itself. Bonsai can also hide their age by appearing to be a small young tree when they can actually be very old.  

I also wanted to demonstrate the ability for the Jade to continue to be very strong even though it has been carved extremely thin. These individual panels are approx 1.5 Millimetres thick!  


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