Dallas Crombie

Greymouth, New Zealand

2014 Entry – Karanga Manu

I was first introduced to jade in 1996 when I moved to the West Coast and a friend took me jade fossicking along one of the beaches. From that first encounter jade has held a special place in my heart and the following year I completed my Certificate in Jade Carving at Tai Poutini Polytechic in Greymouth. I have continued to carve since then and in 2005 returned to the Polytechnic to complete my Diploma in Jade and Hard Stone Carving. The main focus of my carving work is to try and read the stone and design my pieces around the form, flaws and colourings within the stone. I like to carve useable items like knives, traditional Maori musical instruments and neolithic tools. I incorporate my Maori heritage into pieces when possible and enjoy all aspects of the jade carving industry.

My Piece- Karanga Manu is a little bird whistle which was used by Maori to entice birds so as they could be trapped. The birds were then utilised as a food source as well as the feathers that they provided for creating traditional treasures (taonga). Carved from a piece of Inanga jade which is named after the native fish of the same name due to the resemblance in colour they share. Measures 90mm x 22mm. Not for sale.


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