Tom Taverner

Turner, ACT, Austrailia

2014 Entry – Plain Chain

Past stoneworking practices are far from clear. I reckon this flat style of chain must’ve been done before but I can’t find it and I’d like to put it on record. This carving of a single jade chain necklace or interchangeably a double chain necklace has both simple and complex appeal.

The design aim was a wearable ornamental chain whilst maximising stone usage and using more regular dimensioned rough and also preferably (my favourite) increasing its final size. The stone was some lovely tight BC (70x60x13mm).

The process became quite formulaic with development and involved seemingly architectural creation and destruction. A late stage unintentional separation of linkage continuation (breakage) resulted in more options for presentation. The gold chain and attachments allow for a separate necklace and bracelet or a combined double chain necklace. 


Past Carvings