Drew Arnold

Arroyo Grande, CA, USA

2014 Entry – Wedding Blades

This piece was inspired by the upcoming wedding of my daughter while reflecting on the “Beauty, Conflict and Harmonious Blend” experienced during my own 30 year marriage.

Carved from a single piece of Yukon “Snow Flake” Jade, this matching “his and hers” set  of 8.5” full tang “Skinners” knives are comprised of multiple mediums to compliment the color, patterning and translucency of the jade while blending contrasting, multiple and symmetrical contours into a harmonious and esthetically pleasing piece.    

The rich, vibrant earth tones and satin, hand polished Brazilian Rosewood scales accented with abalone inlay complete the handle exterior while the handle interior is secured with quarter inch Stainless Steel dowels counter sunk beneath each inlay. 

The custom made acrylic display case allows maximum lighting to highlight color and translucency while certain angles give the illusion of “floating” blades. The creation was a joy and introspective journey throughout the process and truly a labor of love.


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