Greg Wilson

San Simeon, CA, USA

2014 Entry – the Leaf

My name is Greg Wilson and I have been carving jade for a little over 1 year.  I live on the Central Coast of California in the small village of Cambria about 30 miles south of Big Sur and Jade Cove.  On a typical Friday night you will find me carving in Justin Smith's garage, he is also my mentor, friend, and fellow 2014 Jade Symposium participant.  Thoughts nights also include regular visits from the many amazing local jade carvers that admire this special stone and enjoys one's company.  I am motivated to join the symposium to bring recognition to the Cambria jade carving community and the amazing people that I know call friends.

My passion for Jade comes from the people I have meet in the community and the special characteristics it possesses.  I admire its special strength, translucence, and color and texture.  I try to honor the "Stone of Heaven" by enhancing these amazing qualities when I carve.  In the last year I have been working with leaf shapes and designs that accentuate the color, luminosity, and strength of the Jade.

My offering to the 2014 Jade Symposium is a Jade Leaf made with Washington State Jade from David Smith.  As an American, I wanted a stone that was from the United States and did not feel my carving abilities would do justice to a piece of fine grained Wyoming (and Big Sur jade was not an option).  Over the last year I have made several Jade leaves  as I experimented with the shaping process, but this leaf is the first time I have personally used a hand tool.  The leaf is highlighted by its long and wavy shape, tendrical on back side which is freed in 3 locations, and the leaf tip which is folded forward and freed.  Held to the light, the leaf is magically translucent, and can be worn around the neck in any configuration.  The leaf hangs on a black and green hand woven hemp necklace.

Jade Leaf is 2×3 inches