Kerry Jo Montoya

Yukon, OK, USA

2014 Entry – MERCY FLOWS

My sin was paid
With mighty throes
Encased in jade
His mercy flows
Cross Pendant with .925 Sterling Silver Wrap & 16” Chain
Wyoming Nephrite Jade, 72mm x 47 mm
Lightning Ridge Black Opal 1.5 ct
A few years ago I had a batch of potch & color from Lightning Ridge Australia.  While cutting into the parcel I discovered a very unique streak of opal that you see here in this piece.  I immediate knew what I wanted to do but did not yet have the skills to properly set it.  So I tuck away the gemstone for a later date. Happily the World Jade Symposium presented me with the perfect opportunity to create a very unique & beautiful setting creating a perfect duo of excellence.


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