Ryan Burke

Seaside, CA.

2014 Entry – Medicine man

The toughness of Jade inspires myself to think about its timelessness.  I chose my design with regards to a timeless piece; that lives both in the past, today, and in the future.  My carving for the World Jade Symposium 2014 is both wearable and functional, playing with new and old themes, and anthropocentric.

Humans have always utilized their natural surroundings which led to Jade being used for many purposes as well as utilizing plant 'medicines' that helped to heal in a myriad of ways.  This carvings is a reflection of the human form's desire to alter our current state to a more realized consciousness.

"Medicine Man" is a character. A chillum; a traditional smoking device.  An inanimate object that may be alive with personality and wearing an unforgettable grin.  A grin to remind us all about our humanity, mystical experiences and compassion. 


Length. 7cm    Width: 3cm      Depth(at nose): 2cm


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