Ryan Spangler

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

2014 Entry – Olive Shell

“Ryan Spangler has been carving Jade since 2011 when he moved to Santa Barbara from Gualala, California. He began assisting his grandfather in his JadeNow Contemporary Carving studio, doing mostly production work and shop maintenance. In 2012 Ryan completed his first piece, and his knack for simple and abstract design has been unstoppable since. Ryan is feverous about understanding the Stone of Heaven on all levels, and has absorbed everything he knows through his attentiveness to Masters of the trade. This year, at age 21, Ryan has traveled to both China and New Zealand to further his knowledge of all that is the global market of Jade, but more importantly it’s inspiring culture.”

I get my inspiration from figures in nature, mimicking objects and giving them my own taste. Hunting is what got me hooked; my grandfather took me Jade hunting when I was eight years old, and I reflect on that memory as the beginning of my life with the stone. It fuels my fire to go out into the remote canyons, walking through the river and finding that one Jade stone amongst thousands. As a wise man once told me, “It’s a good day to be on the river, it’s a good day to be alive, and if you find a piece of Jade, that’s a bonus.” To be lucky enough to find the beautiful stone and transform it into a carving or a fondle piece is an amazing process.

This was my first time working with Wyoming Jade and it was an amazing opportunity to learn from the new material. The piece is an abstract form of a seashell. As a beginning carver it was crucial to keep the shell simple with out trying to drown it in detail. I was very impressed with the material from Wyoming as it took a great polish and would hold up in delicate places.

I am very excited and honored to be apart of the World Jade Symposium with all of the amazing people involved in the Jade life style. I am eager to learn as much as I can about the rich history and mystery behind Jade. Brian did a great job building such an incredible event that will do just that. This symposium has begun the first of many to come for us as Jade artists and enthusiasts, and we thank you.


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