Symposium Schedule

Sunday, November 23rd (11am – 6pm)
UBC  C180

11:10 – 11:45am
Jeff Spangler
JadeNow  – Jade the "Stone of Heaven".  Tools, Talismans and Jewels, the spiritual component.

11:45 – 12:30
Dante Lopez
Jadeite and culture in central America.
12:30 – 1pm
Ben Peters
Archaic jade investigation

1 – 1:30pm
Branko Deljanin, CGL-GRS Swiss Canadian Gemlab, Vancouver
Secrets on Identification of Jade Treatments and Imitations

Fifteen years ago, it was the improper disclosure of oiled emeralds that caused a stir and affected emerald prices, ten years ago it was beryllium-treated sapphires that undermined that market, and five years ago, it was undisclosed lead glass-filled rubies that surfaced and continue to affect consumer confidence in coloured gemstones.

You need to know that fake jade material started making its appearance, first in Hong Kong and then later at the popular Tucson and other gem shows in 2011. It’s marketed as “Canadian Jade” and looks similar to nephrite jade from British Columbia or jadite jade, but its dyed quartzite that could be identified under magnification, plus using refractometer. Come to this lecture and workshop and learn how to screen for A jadeite jade (natural colour), B jade (impregnated with plastic) and C jade (dyed) using only UV lamp ! You need to know also your limitations using standard instruments in testing jade and when piece of Jadeite Jade in question should be sent to gem laboratory for advanced testing with VIS-NIR and Infrared spectrometers.

Properties and Varieties of Jade
Jadeite deposits
Canadian Jade – main source of world’s nephrite jade
Quality grading of Nephrite and Jadeite Jade
4C – Colour, Cut, Clarity and Cracks
2T – Transparency and texture
V – Volume
Identification of Jade imitations with loupe and microscope
Dying and impregnation of Jadeite Jade
Use of spectroscopy in detecting dyed jadeite jade
Screening for Jade (A, B or C) with UV lamp
Testing of Jade with advanced instruments at Canadian Gemological laboratory
Disclosure of treatments and imitations on appraiser documents


Branko Deljanin, B.Sc., GG, FGA, DUG is head gemmologist and president of CGL –GRS Swiss Canadian Gemlab Inc. in Vancouver (originally CGL, Canadian Gemological Laboratory, founded in 2009). He is a research gemmologist with extensive experience in advanced testing of gemstones. A graduate of the University of Belgrade in Geology, Deljanin earned his Graduate Gemologist diploma at GIA in 1995 and worked for three years at their Gem Identification department on coloured diamonds, coloured stones and pearls in New York. In 1998, he became Director of Gem Identification and Research for the EGL USA Group. In 2002. He was put in charge of its’ Canadian Operations, with headquarters in Vancouver, B.C.
He is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and was instructor of their FGA, DGA Programs. Since 1999, he has focused on the HPHT process for changing the colour of diamonds and is considered an international HPHT expert. In 2001 he earned his Advanced Gemology Diploma (DUG) on subject “Identification of HPHT treated diamonds” from University of Nantes, France. Branko has conducted on-site research on gems and coloured diamonds in Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil and Australia, and has managed many projects on natural, treated and synthetic diamonds.

He has been a regular contributor to trade and gemmological magazines (Rapaport, Idex, Canadian Jewellery, Canadian Business Jewellery, New York Diamonds, Jewellery News Asia, Gems and Gemology) and presented reports at a number of prestigious research conferences (Material Research, European Diamond, De Beers, Canadian Gemmological and GIA Gemological Conferences).

In 2004, 2005 and 2006 Branko was a finalist for the AGA “Antonio Bonnano Award for Excellence in Gemology”.
He co-authored books “Laboratory Grown Diamonds, Information Guide to HPHT- grown and CVD-grown diamonds” and “Identification of Diamond types and Synthetic Diamonds using CPF (Cross Polarized Filters)”. He is instructor with of “Advanced Gemology” programs on diamonds and coloured stones he is offering in Canada, USA, Russia, Brazil, Europe and Asia.

Lunch break 30 mins
2 – 2:30pm
Paula Swart
The Quest for Jade Mountains 

Paula Swart  (Chinese name: 施 寶蘭) is an Asian Art curator, who has worked with various Canadian museums for more than 20 years. Most recently she has been associated with the UBC Museum of Anthropology, where she curated the East Asian section of the Multiversity Galleries, and the exhibit Visions of Enlightenment. Since 2011, she teaches at the Summer Institute at UBC. Paula holds degrees in Sinology, Asian art history, Chinese history and archaeology.

Break 1 hr and change to theatre.


UBC  Theater C300

3:30 – 4:15pm
Donn Salt
Carving Jade and contemporary culture

4:15pm– 4:30pm
Alex Schick, Bill Koochin, Michael Binkley, Tom Duquette and Dante Lopez let us know "What is art and how can you tell?"
4:30 – 6pm
Awards and Closing Ceremonies
Prizes and special recognition of many